Electric vehicles

Encouraging EV uptake 

The entire region is now fully connected with electric vehicle chargers. The project began in 2017, with the support of funding partners Trust Tairāwhiti and EECA. Eastland Network initially installed six EV chargers in Gisborne, Tolaga Bay, Matawai, Te Araroa, Morere and Wairoa. We completed the project in 2021, with new chargers in Tokomaru Bay, Ruatoria and Mahia, and back-up slow chargers in Te Araroa and Matawai.

This will help to reduce the barriers to EV ownership and use in the region, and encourage local uptake of EVs as a low emission transport option. Expanding the Pacific Coast electric highway has the added benefit of promoting EV tourism in Tairāwhiti.


Nearly 100% of Eastland Network’s non-commercial fleet is now electric, and we’re moving the commercial fleet to electric or hybrid options wherever practical. We also have electric scooters and electric bikes available for staff to use around Gisborne.

EV map

See the ChargeNet map for the locations of the electric vehicle chargers across Mahia, Wairoa, Gisborne and the East Coast.

With a network of more than 280 rapid (25-50kW) and hyper-rapid (300kW) charging stations, EV drivers can rely on ChargeNet's convenient and reliable EV charging network, wherever they are in the country.